Kicker Rock, also known as "Leon Dormido", takes its name from the shape from distance. When viewed from the south, the formation looks like a sleeping lion, hence the Spanish name Leon Dormido, while from another side it looks more like a boot, hence the English name Kicker Rock.

Kicker Rock is located on the west side of San Cristobal. This is one of the most popular dives for land-based operations in San Cristobal. Depth ranges from 10 – 40+ meters (30 – 130+ feet) and is a great place to watch pelagics, schooling fish, octopus and invertebrates. The wall dive is usually performed using the light to moderate current to drift. Visibility is often 10 – 15 meters (30 – 50 feet) and surge moderate closer to the wall. Small crafts can navigate through the narrow channel between the two rocks. The channel goes down 19 meters to the sea bed and it attracts an incredible array of sharks and brightly – colored tropical fish, including the Spotted Eagle Ray, Hammerhead sharks and the Galapagos shark. This is probably the best place to see the Galapagos shark.

Best Season:December - May

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